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Manual wheelchair INVACARE® ALU LITE
Ref. 1517738 |ISO 12 22 18
Manual wheelchair in aluminum, foldable and with transit wheels. Easy to handle, whether inside or outside incursions. Seat and backrest in nylon. It has foldable backrest, armrests with fixed height of 23cm, folding footrests and foldable chassis.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%

€ 238,50
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Attendant Control Co-Pilot - Permobil
Co-Pilot is a companion control for Permobil's wheelchairs.
It has the unique function that the companion can control the wheelchair functions and speed. To point also its discreet design and an extremely intuitive control.
Upon request
Ref. SWT-1 |ISO 12 24 03
The SWISS-TRAC is a small, but efficient power unit device that can be attached on active manual wheelchairs thanks to a small bracket compatible with the majority of active manual wheelchairs, with rigid and folding frame. With this tractor for wheelchairs, active users can now overcome obstacles independently, whether are paving stones, sidewalks, ramps, lawns, gravel, etc.. Easy to transport thanks to its compact format.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
7 367,00
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Ref. F35/43AB |ISO 12 23 06
Standard power wheelchair. Foldable and easy to transport. With 50amph batteries,and avaiable in 3 colours: blue, golden and summer red.
Incl. VAT legal tax 6%
1 406,98

€ 1 481,03
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There are many people who see limited their mobility, so a certain degree of independence is important to improve their self-esteem. Mobility products marketed by Mobilitec are functional, ergonomic and safe, designed to provide the highest degree of mobility and freedom as possible. In this section you can find various mobility products, from walking aids, manual and power wheelchairs, tricycles and motorcycles, among many more.
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